Checklist Beta Launch

company updateCompany Update – March 2016

Hi folks, Glenn here. I wanted to give you kind folks my company update and what has been happening lately with Muevr, where it currently stands and where it is going.


After spending the 1st half of last year defining & designing my vision of what I wanted Muevr to grow into, I had to apply the brakes, take some time off and direct my focus on other aspects on my life. Nothing very life changing or life threatening, just the type of things that can come along the way when one has a daytime job & family.

Checklist Beta Launch:

The Muevr Checklist beta launch is scheduled for March 10th. You can access the checklist by choosing the “Get started for free” button on the Muevr homepage. Try it out and send any questions or bugs to our support account.


Till next time!



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